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She Hustles

Jul 8, 2019

Hope you enjoyed this episode. Subscribe, rate and review; I appreciate the love and support and please share with anyone you feel needs to hear this today. Tag me on IG Fit4arn and tell me how you enjoyed this episode.Here are all the links to my favorite herbs, cbd, books and techniques that I use daily for my anxiety. Please share this episode to anyone who is suffering and needs help.  


1. CBD:  I love the tincture gummies, sticks and gels
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2. Applying for Medical marijuana

3. My Favorite Meditation Podcast: Meditation minis and stress free naturally. Also check our gabby bernstein on youtube for more guided meditation. Apps like headspace and thinkUp are great as well

4. Herbal Supplements
AM capsule
PM Capsule

5. Essential Oils
Stress away
Peace and calming

6. Receive 2 free books and 30 days free of Audible

For more of my favorite books

7. Journals/Planner 
She Hustles Planner

8. Free Anxiety support  group

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